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Hermann Hesse wrote "…these playthings are not mere idle trifles invented by manufacturers and dealers for the purposes of gain (…) they all have the one and only aim of serving love, refining the senses, giving life to the dead world around us, endowing it in a magical way with new instruments of love ..."

Ι'm Irene Dapoulaki. I have studied Painting and Art Conservation in Florence. I have been trained in Yoga and Art Therapy in Athens. I have had two personal art exhibitions and I have participated in many group exhibitions. I have been teaching Art to vulnerable social groups, in hospitals, children’s oncology units, rehabilitation institutes and elderly homes.


The ‘bliss artmakers’ was born in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, and at a time when I was going through tough times. A lifeline during quarantine… a small shop and workspace in Exarchia. Old paintings, which would decay stored away in the attic, were brought to light and new ideas found a home. Small-size artwork created by me, by friends and partners, fine art prints, pictures and words put together and printed on cards and clothes, art games, and accessories, everything, alive and breathing have found their place at 132, Ippokratous Street.  

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